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ChESS EVENTS 2022-2023

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Weekly Study Sessions

Need a boost to your studying this semester? Come join us and other Chemical Engineering students for virtual study sessions every Tuesday to stay on track!

Date/Time: Every Tuesday starting January 25 until the end of the semester

Escape Room Items

Virtual Escape Room

Need a break from school? That's a rhetorical question of course. Join us for a night of virtual adventure and try an escape room with ChESS. Bring your friends!

Date/Time: In October (details to come)

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CCSChE Conference (in-person!)

This is your chance to represent the University of Ottawa at the Canadian Chemical Engineering Contest this year in Montreal. To get invlolved, check your email for the "call for submissions" or, click the link below. 

Meditation Group

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CHG Final Exam Study Session

Come drop in for a final exam study session with ChESS and other Chemical Engineering students.

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