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Chemical Engineering Merchandise
Pretty patch.jpeg
Blank Quarter Zip.JPG


Classic Chemical Engineering Iron-on Patch

Chemical Engineering Quarter Zip
$40 + $6.50 (Embroidery)

ChESS Bucket Hat January Update_edited.jpg

Chemical Engineering Bucket Hat

chess keychain 1_edited.jpg

Chemical Engineering
Key Chain

Chem Eng Best Eng Sticker.jpg

Chem Eng Best Eng
Vinyl Sticker

When to Purchase


Antyime (online)

Quarter Zips

Jan. 10 to Feb. 15 (online)

Bucket Hats

Anytime (online)

Key Chains


Anytime (online)

Anytime (online)

All merchandise is purchased via e-transfer made out to Please include a note at the bottom saying “ChESS - [Full name] - [Item Purchased]”. Quarter zips are ordered through the order form during the purchase period indicated. Merchandise can be picked up at the ChESS office depending on COVID restrictions at the time of availability or shipped for an extra fee. Message ChESS directly to calculate shipping costs for a given item if it is not indicated on the form.

All money generated for sales goes towards funding better and more fun activities, and buying cooler merch!

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