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ChESS Governing Documents

The ChESS constution that outlines how we function as your student society! If you want to know more about how we operate, this is the best place to look.

Organizational Chart
Our organizational chart outlines ChESS' structure by indicating both the title of the role, and who currently holds it. It may be useful if you would ever like to reach out to one of us!

Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Here you can see what we plan to discuss for each ChESS meeting as well as the minutes from what we discussed in each meeting. This document is updates regularly. 

Current Budget.
This is our most up-to-date budget for the school year. It is a good resource to learn where we get our funds, and how they are spent. 

Here is the latest audit of our student society. 

Past ChESS Members
This is a list of past members who have had an important role in shaping ChESS over years.

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